How Old Is Jane Curtin? SNL, Net Worth, Daughter, & More

How Old Is Jane Curtin? SNL, Net Worth, Daughter, & More

Jane Curtin is an American veteran actress and comedian who rose to fame as an original cast member in the hit TV comedy series SNL (Saturday Night Live) in 1975.

After winning multiple awards and recognition at various levels, she cemented her reign as an actress and is currently relinquishing her family life in Sharon, Connecticut. 

How Old Is Jane Curtin? 

Multiple-time primetime Emmy Awards winning veteran comedy actress Jane Curtin is 74 years of age as of 2021. However, her accomplishments linger as freshly as ever in the memories of SNL (Saturday Night Live) fans worldwide. 

Curtin is a Cambridge-born Massacheuteus native who took birth on September 6, 1947, as the daughter of John Joseph Curtin and Mary Constance. She attended Elizabeth Seton Junior College, New York, where she earned her associate degree. 

Curtin then moved to Northeastern University from 1967 to 1968 and even joined UNICEF as the US Committee National Ambassador. 

Then, however, in a sudden turn of events, she dropped out of college with a legit decision to pursue comedy as a career.

She started participating in various plays, which she wrote with the help of fellow comedians until she joined a group named The Proposition and performed with them until 1972. Eventually, she landed a role in SNL (Saturday Night Live), giving her the limelight she needed to get on a new journey. 

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Curtin's SNL (Saturday Night Live) Journal

Jane Curtin joined SNL as an original cast member and made her on-screen debut for the legendary comedy show in 1975 when she was at the age of 27. During his time in SNL, she always stayed motivated, made sure to inspire everyone around, and vouched strongly against the drug culture that many cast members followed.

She featured in 107 episodes of SNL that aired from 1975 to 1980, mirroring her own low-key real-life and portraying herself as a straight woman. Also, she strictly followed Catholic values, so she was absent in almost every backstage party.

Jane Curtin portraying her role of weekly update anchor in SNL

Jane Curtin portraying her role of weekly update anchor in SNL (Source: Yardbarker)

Curtin's most admired SNL role is 'Weekend Update' segment anchor, who often gave circuitously and hilariously uncontrolled commentary on the day's events. She also portrayed a neutral and politically correct viewpoint in a parody of the "Point-Counterpoint" segment of the news program 60 Minutes.

However, Jane left the show after 1980 and began taking her expertise to the new ventures exploring other areas of acting with a motive of garnering as much experience as possible. 

Net Worth

As of 2021, Curtin has a net worth of approximately $16 million and is relinquishing a life in comfort and luxury. The majority of her net worth came from working in the legendary comedy show SNL.

In contrast, her ever-increasing net worth results from her ever-green works and acting brilliance she showcased over vivid roles and film works. After leaving SNL, she appeared in various other movies and TV shows like Coneheads, 3rd Rock from The Sun, and United We Fall.

She even starred in 2019's audio comedy series 64th man, and her latest work can be seen in the 2019-2021 series The Good Fight, where she can be seen as Judge Pamela Farley. 

Even at the age of 72, she continues making contributions to the film industry and is undoubtedly one of the brightest living comedy legends that the audience has ever witnessed. On top of everything, Curtin has a blissful family life which is identical to her career. 

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Does Jane Curtin Have A Daughter?

Jane Curtin married the love of her life, Patrik Lynch, in 1975 following strict Catholic culture. The duo shares a beautiful daughter named Tess Lynch, a renowned author and comic writer who has worked in renowned projects like Drunk History as a narrator and is a founding editor of several projects. 

Jane Curtin as seen on her daughter's favorite photo of her

Jane Curtin as seen on her daughter's favorite photo of her (Source: Tess Lynch's Instagram)

Curtin's daughter is also a married woman who exchanged marital vows with Peter Cellini and shares two children. Tess shares an immense love for her parents and never hesitates from showcasing it via her Instagram. 

Well, Curtin made sure to pass all the torch to her daughter, making her daughter a well-furnished comedy author who has founded and worked in major projects like Bright Wall/ Dark Room, Drunk History, etc.