NFL's Rod Gardner: Everything You Need To Know

NFL's Rod Gardner: Everything You Need To Know

The former NFL wide receiver, Rod Gardner, pursued bodybuilding after retiring from his football career, which turned out to be for the best as his brand G-strong Fitness is thriving in the best way possible. Also, his wife, whom he married in 2016, is a fitness freak too, which is just a cherry on the top as it makes them more compatible with each other.

Who Is Rod Gardner's Wife?

Rod has been leading a luxurious life as a married man with his wife, Leticia Gardner, for more than five years. His wife is also an owner of Total Body, which produces Resistance Bands & Sweatbands.

Rod Gardner with his wife, Leticia, and their daughters

Rod Gardner with his wife, Leticia, and his daughters (Source: Rod's Instagram)

The duo met in a strip club, True Club in Onyx, in 2009 and fell for each other in no time. First, however, they both had their situation, so the couple took their time to understand and support each other more. 

They even had their insecurities because of their previous experiences, which led to various arguments at times. But, most of the time, Leticia suggested that Rod was insensitive to the issues she was facing.

The Gardner duo nearly reached the breaking point but eventually found their way back, fixing all the foundation issues they had by solving every shortcoming they had as an individual before coming to solve the relationship issues. 

Rod and Leticia took several counseling classes looking for answers to their questions. Finally, they realized their actual problem of not owning their problems. 

Rod Gardener and his wife talk about their relationship 

Eventually, the duo resolved the internal issues and tied the marital knot in 2016 after dating for more than four years. The duo shares a beautiful family and is busy parenting two beautiful daughters, Nyasia Gardner, and Layla Gardner. 

Rod Gardner is living the best of his life even after retiring from the NFL field with his beautiful family of four enjoying an impressive net worth.

Gardner's love story shows how decorated your life can be with the right person by your side who is ready to go through anything but be with you till the end.

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Net Worth

Gardner has bagged a whopping multi-million dollars contract as an NFL player, bringing him an unquestionable amount of economic prosperity. Besides being an athlete, Rod is also a man with an entrepreneurial mind, making him a proud founder of companies like ZRTtech (an IT company) and GMC Trucks (Trucking Company).

Also, he has been making a substantial fortune from his businesses, which adds up his net worth by a considerable amount. As of 2021, Rod Gardner owns a net worth that escalates to approximately $5 million.

All this fortune has allowed him to live a quality and fulfilling life along with his loved ones.

Rod Gardner in Washington Redskins jersey on-field, NFL

Rod Gardner in Washington Redskins jersey on-field, NFL (Source: USA Today)

Further, Rod rocked the Washington Redskin jersey for four seasons bagging a total NFL salary of $7.7 million from the Redskins alone. Rod even bagged one NFC Offensive Player of the Week award.

Then during the 2005 offseason, he got picked by Carolina Panthers for a sixth-round pick and spent most of the season in-depth charts.

He got waived by the Panthers after a season that allowed Rod to join Green Bay Packers, where he stayed until September 2006. The last stop became Kansas City Chiefs as he signed a three-year NFL contract but was released before the 2007 season started.

He bid goodbye to the NFL after playing 91 games and scoring 23 touchdowns. Fast forward to the present, Gardner is as athletic as ever as he is IFA certified fitness coach.

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A Short Bio

The US native NFL star was born on December 23, 1976, in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended Jacksonville (FL) Raines for his high school, where he found his passion for football.

Gardner later moved to Clemson University, where he starred in his college's football team as a wide receiver. Initially, he played as a quarterback and safety, but he eventually became a wide receiver during his sophomore year. 

Rod stands at a towering height of  6 feet and 2 inches which allowed him to outshine most of the NFL wide receivers in his dominant but short-lived NFL career.