Ash Sarkar Wiki: What's Her Age & Who Are Her Parents?

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 15 Dec, 2019
Ash Sarkar Wiki: What's Her Age & Who Are Her Parents?

Ash Sarkar is a fierce Journalist, who is in height for her work as a senior editor at Novara Media. Also, she is an author and has written/published several articles for The Guardian as well as The Independent. Her articles are mostly about anti-imperialist, feminist, and anti-fascist, through which she tries to pull out the positivity.

Apart from journalism, Ash is also prominent for her appearance in the TV shows as a broadcast journalist and commentator. She runs several news channels and stations like Have I Got News For You, Good Morning Britain, and Question Time. 

Ash Sarkar, Who Is She?

Ash was born on 17 April 1992 in London, England. However, she is originally from India, and her ethnicity is Bengali. She has attended the University College London, and she is a two-times degree holder.

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Professionally, Ash is a journalist, a lecturer at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam as well as a Politician. 

Belonging to the Muslim religion, surprisingly, Ash has built an established position in politics. She has come forward and spoken up what she feels without any agitation. Also, Ash has appeared on the Good Morning Britain in July 2018 and talked about the anti-Trump protests. Ash further was not frightened to say that she is not pro-Obama either and has remained a critic of Obama. She said:

I’m not pro-Obama. I’ve been a critic of Obama. I’m a critic of the Democratic Party because I’m a literally Communist.”

Who Are Ash Parents?

Ash’s great-great-aunt is Pritilata Waddedar, the activist, who fought the British in the 1930s. Hence, no doubt how Ash got all that energy and political critics. 

Unlike Ash and her great-great-aunt, Ash’s parent’s details are not openly disclosed. Ash’s mother is a social worker and a former anti-protester of the 1970s. As of now, her mother, at the age of 60s, does full-time work as a social worker. She takes care of her relatives and older people alongside her husband (Ash’s step-father) and grandmother. 

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Ash Sarkar with her stepfather and the family.  (Photo: Twitter)

Ash’s biological father had abandoned her, her elder brother, and mother when Ash was a baby, but she still shares her father’s surname despite all the struggles and pain they had faced in his absence. The family of three had to worry about the next meal, house stability, and education charges.

Later her mother remarried a dour Yorkshireman, and finally, the family could survive, and Ash could get a better education and worthy salary.

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As for her brother, he is gay, and he got married to his boyfriend in 2018. 

Interesting Facts About Ash Sarkar

  1. Ash cannot drive a vehicle. 

  2. Her comment “I’m not pro-Obama. I’ve been a critic of Obama. I’m a critic of the Democratic Party because I’m literally a Communist” in 2018 went so viral that the Novara Media started selling T-shirts with a print “I’m literally a communist” in 2018.

  3. She had not attended the show GoodMorning Britain with the purpose of being viral but just to talk about the condition.