Jason Miller Wiki, Age, Wife, Affair, CNN, Net Worth

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 19 Nov, 2018
Jason Miller Wiki, Age, Wife, Affair, CNN, Net Worth

Jason Miller is a political reporter who has worked for Trump and other politicians. More than his reporting he is famous for his affair with the fellow reporter.

His reporting journey has been full of controversies. He has been pulled into the spotlight when his colleague reported that she was pregnant with his child while his wife was there in home expecting their second baby.

Jason's Wife And Controversial Affairs

The reporter is married to Kelly Miller. The couple just welcomed their second baby in the family in 2017. Having a wife with two children, he has been on the news for his affairs with other ladies.

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While he was working on the current president’s Donald Trumps campaign, he had an affair with his fellow reporter A.J. Delgado. Both the ex-employees of Trump were having an extramarital affair. This affair resulted in Delgado’s pregnancy.

The two had a debate over Twitter which was later removed by Delgado. But internet media was fast enough to capture it. She wrote about her son’s father,

“The father and I were dating for two months (he was separated from his wife, he said, and had been since June)”

She also clarified that Jason, 43, misled by saying he had separated with his wife which she came to realize was completely false after he posted ‘he and his wife are excited to welcome a new baby home.’

Jason with Delgado his controversial colleague and a mother of his son (Photo:

The love child controversy was one of the scandals in his life which hit the internet, and the dispute was all over twitter.

Even after the affair with Delgado, he was said to have an affair with a girl from a strip club. The girl accused him of dosing her with pregnancy pills without her consent after they came to know about her pregnancy. She blamed him for the failed pregnancy, which was almost fatal for the stripper.

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How Much Is Jason's Net Worth? Impact Of His Affairs In His CNN Career

The American reporter has worked for several years in this field. The average salary of a CNN worker is $67K, as per wiki. When he was enjoying a good height of success, his scandles came into his professional life which did not let him have the opportunity to have a stable job.

He served as a communications director during Donald Trump’s campaign. He was doing good with the political reporting for Trump’s campaign. After the declaration of Trump as a president, he got the position as the new White House Communication Director. After two days of work in the White House, he left the job. He said that the reason behind quitting the job was that could not give time to his family and then soon to be born son by holding such a demanding job.

But other sources have a different story. Delgado said that it was the affair between them and her news of pregnancy that he had to leave the position.

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After resigning from White House, he got into CNN as a paid contributor in 2017. Soon after a year, at the age of 43, he left the CNN saying that he wanted to stay away from the accusation and maintain his reputation following the accusation of the stripper.

So he always had to run away from the allegations shifting from one job to another.

Short Bio

Jason Miller was born in 1975 in Seatle, Washington. For education, he attended George Washington University where he graduated with the B.A. degree.