Imogen Anthony Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Facts

Updated On: 08 Nov, 2019

Imogen Anthony Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Facts

Imogen Anthony is the acclaimed fashion designer and a model, who was once a victim of extreme bullying while she was in school. The bullying led her to grow anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, and also drop her grade 11. Furthermore, she started hurting herself viciously after being traumatized by the bully and tired of changing 13 schools in her youth. 

As of now, it is quite unbelievable that once an introvert with zero confidence, Imogen is now prominent for her daring rockabilly-inspired style, her modeling adventures, and mostly a successful career.

Imogen’s Wiki-Bio & Age 

The stylist Imogen, who was born in 1991, celebrates her birthday every year on 5 February.

Imogen grew quiet and introverted but a big fashion lover. She had no friends at all to sit with or to talk. Her quiet nature and lack of confidence led her to become a victim of bullying during her school days. By class seven, she was trigger by body dysmorphia. Gradually, the bullying and social isolation turned so bad that she dropped grade 11 from NSW school and tried hurting herself.

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Tired and frustrated, at the age of 17, Imogen returned to her hometown Sydney with pale and lot more skinny appearance. Luckily, Sydney treated her good; she started modeling, partying, and experimenting with different looks. Later, her life in Sydney eventually degraded her anxiety, body dysmorphia, and brought a new life to depressed Imogen.

As of now, Imogen has grown more beautiful and a lot sexier than her past. Regardless of being a model, her significant height is not known.

Family & Nationality

Born in Australia to mother Felicity and father, Mr. Anthony, Imogen has a younger sister Freya in a family. Although her father’s name is not revealed, there is a few news made headlines related to her father.

Imogen wrote on her Instagram that her father lives with her and her ex-boyfriend Kyle Sandilands, KIIS FM rockstar, with a job of a caretaker on Kyle’s $3 million farm-house in Robertson in the Southern Highlands. Before the caretaker, he had worked as a restorer of classic cars and spray painter.

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Besides that, Imogen has a close relationship with her mother and sister, Freya. In August 2018, she went to a family picnic with her mother and sister and had posted several pictures together that went viral.

Imogen Anthony with her mother Felicity and sister Freya at Belmore Falls in 2018. (Photo:

The pictures are transparent enough to show the love, affections, and the pure bondings the family shares.

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Imogen’s Net Worth

As a distinguished model, fashion designer, and a blogger, Imogen’s net worth might be considering seeing her grip in career. Apart from them, she is also a former entrepreneur. She also had a clothing line White Trash Royalty which she sold online.

As of now, Imogen is indulged as a model and runs her blog Immyture, where she shows her modeling and fashion adventures. Additionally, she also shares $10 million worth mansion in Sydney with her former partner Kyle Sandlands which supplies them $4000 a week. 

Note: The average salary of a model is $125,457 per year, with a minimum of $11000 and a maximum of $401,500. Since Imogen is an acclaimed personality, her net worth must be above the average compared to other models. 

Facts- Boyfriend, Dating

Here are a few exclusive facts relating to Imogen's personal life;

  1. Imogen and her long term boyfriend separated after eight happy years. Her estranged partner had announced the split on his KIIS FM show on 4 November 2019. As confirmed, They had already stopped living together for months.

  2. The ex-pair has a huge age differences; Kyle is 48 years old while Imogen is 28.

  3. When Kyle was asked about his previous marriage in Kyle & Jackie O Show in February 2019, he calmly responded there would be another wedding soon, which further led the fans to speculate that he and Imogen weresecretly engaged.