Jim Bellino Net Worth

Published On: 12 Jun, 2016

Jim Bellino Net Worth

Jim Bellino is a trampoline park Sky Zone owner. He was born in 1990. And currently, he is 50 years old. Jim was known to get involved in a fraudulent business activity related to sports memorabilia. His business was known as “The J. DiMaggio Company.” The company caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of investing for selling sports memorabilia with forged autograph pretentiously.

He also got a warning from the Federal Bureau of Investing to stop this sports business. He was being accused by many of his detractors as a professional scammer.

Finally, he got married to Alexis Bellino, who once specific in her show “The Real Housewives of The Orange Country.” Her wife is beautiful and famous T.V. star and host. They have blessed with three children James, Mackenna, and Melania.

Talking about Bellino’s net worth, his net worth is about $500 thousand. He started several other companies, including Mexican restaurant and shop. He also invested in house flipping for a while. Now he and his Alexis runs a trampoline park named Sky Zone.

Later his business suffered in partly because of the many exposes brought out. He suffered financially as a result. Just because of his present economic crisis, Jim is ready to sell his luxurious which was shown in “The Real Housewives of The Orange Country.”

Jim Bellino mostly famous for his wife Alexis because she is an actress in profession and host. She has been taken up as one of the brilliant actresses in the industry and has gained her current state of fame through her act infamous TV show The Real Housewives of Orange Country.

Peoples start sharing the rumors that Jim Bellino has cancer. But there is no any information leaked about the physical condition of Jim. By the support of his wife Alexis, Jim blog his career on the top of success. 

Now he is living happily with his wife and his three children. He is enjoying his family life and profession life as well. There are mutual understanding and co-operative between Jim and Alexis which is the sign of happy life to know more about his career and lifestyle you can go through his wiki.