Maureen O'Boyle Married, Husband, Daughter, Salary, Net Worth, Bio

Published On: 24 May, 2017

Maureen O'Boyle Married, Husband, Daughter, Salary, Net Worth, Bio

The home is the first place that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to being safe and secure from the harm of the world. Maureen O’Boyle is a television reporter and news anchor who suffered one of the most heinous crimes against women that are rape in the shade of her home. She is best known for being one of the lead anchors of the WBTV News 3 where she runs the program Stretching Your Dollar.

Maureen’s Career and Profession:

The journalist began her career while she was still a student working for the campus radio station after which she got the job in NBC affiliate WITN. After working in some other stations, she replaced Maury Povich to join a nationally syndicated A Current Affair for which she became highest Q scoring newswoman on TV at the time.

She was an anchor and reporter of the Los Angeles-based TV series Extra for a brief time before she started her talk show In Person that ran for one season. She has also worked in the movies like So I Married An Axe Murderer and Undisputed along with an episode of The Larry Sanders Show.

How Much is Maureen’s Net Worth and Salary?

She has been on the television news anchoring and reporting for a long time now. Her net worth is possibly in millions with a handsome annual salary.

After retiring for a while to become a full-time mother, she returned to work in the WBTV news. She is a news anchor for the segment Stretching Your Dollar for the network.

She has involved in a number of charities that includes American Red Cross, Assistance League of Charlotte, Dress for Success, and Community Blood Center of the Carolinas.

How Did She Deal with Being a Victim of Rape?

Maureen has been open to the fact that she is a victim of rape. An intruder, James E Starling, broke into her apartment and pinned her down to abuse her under the threat of a knife. After leaving her, the man went on after the other woman. This time he came under the arrest by the police and got sentenced to 50 years in prison.

The man served 30 years in prison and was set to release on parole. It made her signup the petition to hold the decision and successfully prevented his release from incarceration.

Is She Doing Well in Life?

Of course, incidents like that affect and scar the life of a person, and she had to deal with it, but it didn’t stop her from continuing her career and run her life. Although she has not yet married, she already has a child. She gave birth to a daughter, Keegan O’Boyle on 8 September 1999.

She left the television for a brief time to take care of her and became a full-time mother. She also had credited her for being the only support when she was dealing with the pain of the crime committed against her and the world crumbling down around her.

She has already reached the more than 50 years of age, but she still hasn’t yet married. The identity of her partner and father of her child has not yet revealed. The incident and fear of divorce might have affected her thoughts on getting married and having a husband. There are no known incidents of her dating her having a boyfriend anytime soon.

Short Bio:

Maureen O’Boyle currently aged 53 was born on 14th July 1963 in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. She was born to a non-married father Kerry Prior who is an independent filmmaker. Although she was at a university, she discontinued to join and work in the television. The American National belongs to the white ethnicity. The beautiful news anchor still has a healthy body which stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches.