Charlie Goldsmith Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter, Now

38 years old energy healing practitioner Charlie Goldsmith was born on the 25th of August, 1980..Ellie Lemons's podcast, the two welcomed the baby when Ellie was on her early 20s....Celebrate Health in 2014 which supposedly generated $6 million annually....Charlie grew up alongside his siblings in Melbourne...

Charlie Goldsmith Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter, Now

For anything to be medically approved, it first needs to be tested, and the outcome should be reviewed. With such a dominating scientific inclination in this field, Energy healing practitioner Charlie Goldsmith clawed his way up the public approval and landed a TV show of his own The Healer. In the show, he focuses on his extraordinary treatment measures.

Charlie's main procedures include relieving people from their agony by focusing his willpower and restoring the circuitry of energy flow in the body. Besides, he has also published a book explaining his understanding of the art.

Wiki & Facts

The 38 years old energy healing practitioner Charlie Goldsmith was born on 25 August 1980. He embarked on his journey of Energy healing since the age of 18 and gained his deployment approval after several studies from professionals regarding its healthy field-usage.

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The whole concept is blurry, and people often seem skeptical towards self-application, so the young man suggests people to try for themselves and wants his art to gain medical recognition. Charlie especially works with celebrities and reportedly has a success rate of 76%. The reviews are positive, and people are slowly turning their eyes towards this unusual but effective procedure.


Charlie grew up alongside his siblings in Melbourne and as apparent in an Instagram post; he might be one among nine children to his parents. His mother Mara, a housewife, adores cooking which probably explains Charlie’s healthy food fondness.

On the other hand, Charlie's father name is Brian Goldsmith who has been married for thrice excluding Mara. Sadly, his parents walked their separate ways when he was only 18.

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Daughter; Wife?

As of 2019, Charlie is not married; however, the young entrepreneur and his ex-girlfriend Ellie Lemons are co-parenting their daughter named Rocky. Charlie's dating history remians obscure, but as per the Ellie Lemons's podcast, the two welcomed the baby when Ellie was on her early 20s.

As of now, the pair has already split from each other. As for a reason behind their detachment, the businessman quotes that they "weren't meant to be dating."

In the quest of tragedy, their only daughter has let them adhere as parents. Though they aren't meant to be a romantic couple (husband and wife), Charlie and Ellie still are amazing parents and friends in the best interest of their baby girl.

Charlie Goldsmith's ex-girlfriend Ellie and daughter Rocky(Photo: Ellie Lemons Instagram)

Apparently, they do not share the baby’s face on social media as she is not old enough to deny her public appearance had she not wanted to.

Besides that, rumors engulfed the internet in 2014 when the Healer's star was pictured with 31 years old Miranda Kerr on a yacht in Sydney harbor. Fans went nuts when their flirty and cozy pictures stormed the media. Sadly, both of them declined the internet hoax and stated they had been good friends for ten years.

Net Worth - Now

Energy healing is what Charlie specializes in. His TV show The Healer revolves around his experiences with patients and their feedback regarding the unusual medical treatment. A TV show? He ought to make a lot out of it, doesn’t he? Well, half true.

Charlie takes home a ton of cash but dominantly from other vocations. In fact, he doesn’t charge a penny for his healing treatments. So, what’s with the millions of dollars he owns?

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Apparently, the young man owns a company solely based on marketing called Cassette, which deals with top-notch clients like Nike, Topshop, and numerous other Australian firms. He sold his multi-dollar Celebrate Health in 2014 which supposedly generated $6 million annually.

As for now, Charlie draws his cash from his chocolate company Pumpy Jackson, successfully quenching civilian's sweet cravings since 2015.