What's Geoff Ramsey Married Status Now? Personal Life Talks

By Sachindra Karki | Updated On: 07 Jan, 2020
What's Geoff Ramsey Married Status Now? Personal Life Talks

Geoff Ramsey is a Youtube star, comedian, actor, and producer. He is well known as the co-founder of the production company Rooster Teeth and for voicing the character 'Dexter Grif' on web series, Red vs. Blue. He co-created Rooster Teeth alongside film producer Burnie Burns in 2003 and even voiced the character for 15 long years.

Besides that, he is also commendable for his work- managing and hosting Rooster Teeth’s video gaming division, Achievement Hunter- that he co-founded in July 2008.

What's Geoff Ramsey Married Status Now?

Geoff is in a dating relationship with Emily Hatfield, an Austin-texas based hairstylist who owns VAIN Salon and Skincare studio in East Austin. They first started making their relationship public since 25 June 2018- Emily had shared a picture of them together on her Instagram.

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Geoff Ramsey with his girlfriend Emily Hatfield in November 2019 (Photo: Instagram)

However, Emily is not the only woman Geoff got an eye on. He was previously married to Griffon E. O’ Connell in 2005. Griffon is a graduate of Texas State University with a degree of Fine Arts in Technical Theater; she is a performance artist who runs art event space ‘The Fort.’ Also, she has worked with Geoff for Rooster Teeth. 

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They, together welcomed their first child, a daughter Millicent Ramsey on 23 Septemeber 2005. But, unfortunately, the couple couldn’t sail their relationship for long; Geoff and his wife decided to divorce in 2017.

How Much Is Geoff's Net Worth?

After his service in the military, he started working for tech support company 'TeleNetwork Partners', he also worked as a production assistant for 'View Askew Productions'. Later, Geoff co-founded the production company 'Rooster Teeth' in 2003 with his friend Burnie Burns and Gus Sorola. 

Furthermore, in March 2017, he starred in the live-action documentary from the Rooster Teeth The Tattooist; he explores the subculture of tattoos and takes a crash course from a master tattoo artist in the show. In addition to that, along with his career in the entertainment industry, he ha also featured in The Eleven Little Roosters(2017), Sugar Pine 7(2017--2018) and The Weird Place(2019). 

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His career as a co-founder of a production company and actor has certainly attracted enormous fame and wealth in his life. According to Celebritynetworth, Geoff’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million as of February 2014. 

Some Interesting Facts About Geoff Ramsey:

  • Geoff was born on 19 June 1975 in Mobile, Alabama, with birth name is Geoffrey Paul Fink.
  • During his high school years, he got enlisted in the United States Army. There, he served for 5 years(1993--1998).
  • Geoff was a semi-pro bowler during his teen years. 
  • He stands at the height of 1.8m (5 feet 11 inches).
  • He has also done voice acting for the Halo 3 video game in 2007.
  • His daughter is a YouTube gaming star who starred in channel ‘Game Kids’ from December 2014 to March 2016.
  • He is very fond of tattoos and has got almost every part of his body covered in tattoo-like friendship dagger on arm, blue duck tattoo on his ankle, a lady on his thigh; he has also inked wrists and chest with unique arts.