How Much Is Kevin Rose Net Worth? Wiki & Personal Life Insight

American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose co-founded the San Francisco-based multi-channel Internet television network Revision3 (2005), news aggregator Digg (2004) and a free social networking and micro-blogging site Pownce (2007).  Also, he is an actor known for the TV series Diggnation ( 2005), comedy TV series Tiki Bar (2005) and System (2005).

How Much Is Kevin Rose Net Worth? Wiki & Personal Life Insight

American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose co-founded the San Francisco-based multi-channel internet television network, Revision3 (2005). Further, he is also co-founder of the news aggregator Digg (2004) and the micro-blogging site, Pownce (2007). 

Apart from his entrepreneurship brilliance, Kevin is an actor known for the TV series Diggnation (2005), and comedy TV series: Tiki Bar (2005) and System (2005).

Kevin's Wiki

Kevin stands at a height extending 1.85 meters (6ft 1in). 

Kevin was born as Robert Kevin Rose on 21 February 1977 in Redding, California. His nickname is Dr. Bobby.

An Eagle Scout, he dropped out of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to pursue a career as a full-time programmer- he was studying computer science at the university

Wedding Details

Kevin married a health blogger named Darya Pino Rose on 31 March 2016. The wedding was held at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel on Hawaii's Big Island.

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Darya Pino was clad in an unconventional mixed-colored floral gown and Kevin was dressed in a tuxedo for the wedding. 

Who Is Kevin's Wife?

Darya Pino Rose was born on 18 November 1979. She is a neuroscientist and a popular food writer. She runs a blog named Summer Tomato, through which she shares tips and advices on healthy eating, especially in urban areas. 

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Also, she is the author of the book FOODIST: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting. She launched the book in May 2013. 

Two Children In Family

Kevin and Darya are parents to two daughters.

Kevin Ross with wife Darya Pino Rose and children on 1 November 2019 (Photo:- Darya Rose' s Instagram) 

Their first daughter, Zelda Rose, was born on 11 August 2017. Similarly, the couple's second daughter, Nova Joy Rose, arrived on 19 February 2019. Zelda has an Instagram account named littlezeldarose

Net Worth Info

As stated by Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin has a net worth of $30 million. All his fortune comes from his career as an entrepreneur and as the production assistant & co-star of TechTV's The Screen Savers

However, his net worth was only $8 million in 2012, according to The Richest. 

Interesting Facts

  • Kevin Rose has been featured on the cover of BusinessWeek, RedHerring, and Inc. Magazine. Also, he got listed on Top 25 Angel Investors by Bloomberg, Top 35 Innovators by MIT Technology Review TR35 (2007), Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web by Time, and Top 25 Web Celebrities by Forbes

  • Kevin Rose has also appeared on TV shows like Unscrewed with Martin Sargent (2003) and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2014). 

  • He is an early-stage investor at Twitter, Square, Uber, Oura, and Hodinkee. He started working as a Google's senior product manager from 2012.

  • In March 2014, Kevin Rose and his wife Darya purchased a historic home for $1.3 million in Portland. They later sold the house to long-time members of the community, Tom and Jennifer Saunders, for $1.375 million after neighbours did not agree to demolish the house.