Lil Eazy E Net Worth, Height, Siblings, Mom, Age, Facts

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 27 Nov, 2019
Lil Eazy E Net Worth, Height, Siblings, Mom, Age, Facts

The name Lil Eazy E is familiar in the world of hip hop and rap, which is a stage name of Eric Wright Jr. He is a distinguished and most celebrated rapper and is nationally known as the eldest son of late legendary rapper Eazy E. Eazy has stepped in his father’s shoes and has been carrying his father's legacy. He adopted his father’s stage name and looked after his business, 'Ruthless' company.

Moreover, Lil also became the CEO of 'NWA Entertainment,' 'High Powered Productions,' and has been handling his father’s other projects alongside other artists, companies, TV and movie productions.

Apart from his dad’s fame, he is famous for his creations on Waist Deep, Eazy-R: The Life, Timez of Eric Wright and Streets of Compton. 

How Much Is Lil Eazy E Net Worth?

Lil Eazy E has been embracing his late-father, Eazy E’s estimated net worth of $8 million. Eazy, the godfather of the gangsta rapper N.W.A., had amassed $8 million net worth as a rapper and record executive before his death in 1995.

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Eazy was associated with drug dealing after he dropped out in grade 10, and by his age of 23, he had allegedly earned $250,000. Thankfully he later quit the illegal trade and started recording songs in the mid-1980s, and in seven years, he became a member of rap group NWA Entertainment and earned even more net worths.

Now, since he is no more, his son Lil has been continuing the legacy. Lil Eazy has released many albums and singles, including Come Outta Compton, What We Claiming, The New West Coast, and many more, as well as has been handling Eazy E’s companies like NWA and High PoweredProdyctions.

With Lil's ongoing dedication in industry and his father’s business, he must have made some decent earnings to his name.

Wiki( Bio), Age, Height

Lil Eazy A.K.A Eric Wright Jr. was born and raised in Compton, California, the same house his father grew. His birthdate is 23 April 1984. Little is known about his early age; he had lost his father, Eazy E when he was only ten years old.

Although he couldn’t get the love of his father, he got shaded by his father’s reputation and career height. He followed his father’s step and became a rapper as well as a producer.

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He first started his career off on the hip-hop with a scene with Daz Dillinger. After that, he signed a contract with Virgin Records, but because Virgin Records delayed in the release of his album Prince of Compton, he left the records and made a deal with Blackground and Universal Motown Records in 2006. But again, Blackground was urban-based, so Lil Eazy couldn’t release his album and recorded singles instead.

Later in 2011, Lil was finally released by Blackground and was given the freedom to do as he desires after he had pleaded with his music.

Parents And Siblings

Lil Eazy’s father had died in 1995 due to complications in AIDS. His active psychical desire had led him to have seven children: five sons: Eric Wright Jr, Dominick, Derek, Elijah, Marquise, and two daughters Erica and Erin Bria, with six different women.

Surprisingly, it is still not disclosed who is Lil Eazy’s siblings and who is his half.

Eric Wright Jr and his younger sister Erica Wright (Photo: Instagram)

Amongst all the seven, most of all have chosen father’s path and have been working as a rapper. Like Eric Jr’s stage name is Lil Eazy E, his second brother Marquise is known as Yung Eazy, and Derek is known as E3, who works alongside Lil Eazy in rap group Compton MoneyGang.

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He has provided the place to his brothers that his father would do if he were alive. Also, he takes care of his widowed, ill mother. In November 2011, his mother had to undergo surgery, and Lil Eazy took full responsibility for her health. During the time, he tweeted a couple of times, asking for his well-wishers to pray for his mom.

Facts About Lil Eazy You May Have Not Known

  1. In August 2018, Eazy’s widowed wife had accused Lil Eazy of illegally profiting off her late husband by attempting to register trademarks related to him. She had sued him demanding an injunction that prohibits Lil Eazy from continuing to infringe the trademark. However, the damage amount is unspecified.

  2. Lil Eazy has a 12 years old daughter Elwani Wright and a seven years old son Eric Wright. However, no specific details about the baby mama or his girlfriend are specified.

  3. Lil Eazy had been working as an HIV activist since he lost his father in HIV. He states that failing to disclose HIV-Positive status should remain a felony.

  4. Eazy E had stopped dealing drugs after he witnessed the murder of his cousin in a drug deal gone wrong.

  5. Lil Eazy and younger brother Yung Eazy (Marquise) claimed that someone with HIV hypothetically injected their dad. Yung Eazy is not scared to point out the miscreant he assumes to be. In his interview in 2003, he publicly cited Sage Knight for his father’s murderer.