Riley Roberts Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Facts

An internet entrepreneur Riley Roberts was born in Arizona, the USA....Riley and his girlfriend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's relationship is quite distinctive in visuality.....worth millions of dollars. However, it is reported that the average salary of an entrepreneur in the US lies from $30,991 to $118,042....

Riley Roberts Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Facts

Better known as a boyfriend of American politician and activist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Riley Roberts is professionally a web developer and a technology consultant from America. He is exceptionally professional in his job of digital marketing and business consultation.

With his skilled knowledge, he has been able to help the companies to earn revenue and loyal clients. Explore more to know about Riley's wiki, bio, net worth, and personal life.


An internet entrepreneur Riley Roberts was born in Arizona, the USA and holds American Nationality. He is currently of age 29, but his exact birthday is unknown. Talking about Riley's education background, he holds the degree from Boston University in sociology and business administration since 2012.

His parents are renowned as the wealthiest real estate of Paradise Valley, Arizona while he is renowned as the boyfriend of the politician Alexandria. 

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Boyfriend; Engaged, Married Now?

Riley and his girlfriend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's relationship, is quite distinctive in visuality. They never deny their relationship nor show their love life on the internet, not even on special days like birthdays and Valentine days. However, the pair have been dating for over four years.

He and his ladylove first met on Friday conversation when the dean of a university made an event. Both of them were in the same University ‘Boston.’ Later on, Riley moved to Newyork from his hometown to be with his girlfriend Alexandria and then to Washington while she was competing for the congressional position.

Though the loveduo is relishing their romance, they are rarely seen together in public. But, Riley always has been supportive of his girlfriend and her career since the beginning. 

He worked as a social media consultant and filmed her trip to elections. In addition, he spent $1750 worth of contribution while working for his girlfriend’s website; however, he never registered to vote.

Couple: An entrepreneur Riley with his long-time politician girlfriend, Alexandria.  ( Photo: 

With Riley’s immense support and Alexandria’s strong will, Alexandria, at the age of 29,  won the election and became the US representative for Newyork 14th Congressional district in January 2019.

Not only Riley but Alexandria's mom is happy with her daughter's relationship with Riley. As confirmed by the Washington Post, she wants them to move ahead of their four years of relationship and get married soon.

Despite the facts, the pair are taking their time to get engaged soon. 

Net Worth

Riley is the head of the marketing at and also works as a counselor for startups of the tech-business. As an internet entrepreneur, a website developer, and a technology consultant, Riley must be worth millions of dollars. However, the average salary of an entrepreneur in the US lies from $30,991 to $118,042. Since Riley is not only involved in entrepreneurship but also on web developing and technology consultants, it would be safe to assume he earns more than an average salary of an entrepreneur. 

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On the other hand, his girlfriend Alexandria being the American politician and educator, is estimated to have a net worth of about $100 thousand. 


Here are a few facts to know about Riley which you might be unaware about:

  • At the time of Alexandria's campaign, Riley received $6,000 from Brand New Congress in order to launch Alexandria's bid.
  • His mother is very fond of his girlfriend and has even gifted a pearl-drop necklace. Alexandria wore it to the campaign trail. About his girlfriend, Alexandria's parents, her father died in 2012. He was a small business owner and her mother used to work at other houses.