Stacey Plaskett | Net Worth, Education, Family & Husband

Stacey Plaskett | Net Worth, Education, Family & Husband

Stacey Plaskett is an American politician and attorney who was named as a House impeachment manager for the second impeachment of Donald Trump in response to United States Capitol storming on January 12, 2021, becoming the first non-voting member of the House of Representatives to fulfill the role.

Net Worth & Salary

In an interview with Frontline, When she was asked about the rising of Trump and the way he understands the reaction of some Americans' response to forever wars, she said,

"I think he was good at utilizing distrust of the establishment and distrust of Washington. Interestingly, I think the same people that he spoke to and who followed him would believe that the wars were appropriate. So I don't think it's a dislike of the forever wars so much as it is a dislike of those who put us in war, and those who continue to use us for their own purposes in Washington—Yeah, that's an interesting—that's interesting. I hadn't thought about that. "

Stacy Plaskett on the day of Donald Trump's impreachment

Stacey Plaskett on the day of Donald Trump's impeachment (Source: NPR)

Plaskett's run as a U.S. House Virgin Islands At-large District from 2015-present has brought her a substantial amount of fortune. Her eight years-long tenure has a base salary of $174,000, which might have increased by a significant amount by now.

There's no exact known figure about Stacey's net worth, but we do know that she is enjoying a substantial amount of six-figured net worth as of 2021. However, she also has a blissful family life identical to the political run, full of high and low tides.

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Family & Husband 

Plaskett is leading a happy married life with her husband Jonathan Buckley Small, with whom she shares two children; a son and a daughter.

Small, the husband of congresswoman Stacey, has a similar background to his wife as he previously served as a chief researcher for the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. Also, he is a man of entrepreneurship and does multiple other jobs, like HR managing in Washington and running businesses.

The duo shares two children, a son and a daughter, and resides in D.C. currently. Plaskett also has three children from her previous marriage with Andre Duffy. They decided to move their children to D.C. from the Virgin Island, as the Virgin Island had a limited number of flights. 

Stacy with her husband and son on the day of his graduation

Stacey, with her husband and son on the day of his graduation (Source: Stacey's Instagram)

So her husband, who she describes as a more political enthusiast than herself, decided to move to D.C. with their children. Also, her children politically awoke, which adds to her happiness as a mother seeing her kids follow in the same footsteps as their parents.

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Plaskett's Education

Plaskett got her undergraduate degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Later, she moved to American University's Washington College of Law to major in Juris Doctorate.

Before becoming a congresswoman, Plaskett garnered a considerable amount of experience in the public service as she started her career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx. 

She started in the Virgin Islands, serving as General Counsel for the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority and the American territory’s economic development.

She also served as a committee member of Oversight and Reform. She ensured the accountability and transparency between government and private sector entities whose operations impact the Virgin Islands community.