Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Husband, Net Worth, Facts

By Sachindra Karki | Updated On: 15 Aug, 2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Husband, Net Worth, Facts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a member of the Democratic party and an activist who became the U.S Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district in 2019. She became the youngest woman in history to serve in the U.S Congress just at the age of 29.

Earning graduation from Boston University, Alexandria, being below 30 years old, she, unfortunately, cannot run for the presidential election in 2020.

Alexandria’s Dating Life

The activist Alexandria has been dating her boyfriend, Riley Roberts since college years. The couple met for the first time at Boston University and have been together for four years as of now.

Professionally, her boyfriend is a web developer and head of marketing at He works as a consultant who helps tech startups grow using marketing and development.

Despite having a distinct career, her boyfriend has been supportive of her. Foremost, Riley has been considered as a campaign volunteer to Alexandria rather than her boyfriend and was even reported as campaign volunteer by the popular tabloid DailyMail.

Alexandria with her boyfriend Riley (Photo: Decider)

Her partner has helped her tremendously during the election and has been loving & supporting her in her every step.

Alexandria and her beau are relishing their happy lifestyle, but more than her mother is the happiest person in the family of their intimacy. Moreover, she even considers Alexandria's boyfriend as marriage material and wants the pair to get married as soon as possible. However, Alexandria, with her boyfriend Riley is yet to decide the date for their upcoming marriage.

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Net Worth

The American activist started her political career from serving an intern at U.S immigration Office under former senator Ted Kennedy in her college years. Although, after her father’s death, she worked for multiple low-wage restaurants to help the family

Alexandria still has to set footprints in American political history; however, her friends family and well-wishers are expecting great things from her.

As of now, her net worth is valued to be around $100 Thousand. She is estimated to earn the $174,000 annual congressional salary in 2018. According to the records, Alexandria had the savings of about $15,000 from her total income.

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Wiki- Bio and Family

The American politician was born on 13 October 1989 in New York City, USA. She graduated with a degree in Economics and International Relations from Boston University.

Alexandria was raised into a working-class family Puerto Rican to her parents, father Sergio Ocasio, and mother, Blanca Ocasio-Cortez. She has a brother named Gabriel who sent her to Brand New Congress

Unfortunately, Alexandria's father, Sergio, is no more alive now as he passed away from cancer in 2008.

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Here are a few facts to know about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

1.  The activist defeated 10-term Congressman Joe Crowley, in New York’s 14th congressional district on 26 June 2018.

2. She was victorious in the general election and became the youngest woman ever to be elected as a Congress.

3. Alexandria also helped to organize for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders bak in 2016.

4. To extract the information about her and her boyfriend, a senior DailyMail reporter, Ruth Styles, even tried to bribe cash to Riley’s

5. As the U.S Constitution forbids candidates below 35 of age to run for president, she is not eligible for candicandy of  2020 Presidential Campaign. However, Steve Bullock one of the candidates for 2020 Presidential Campaign