Who Is Takumi Minamino? Everything About Liverpool's Newcomer

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 13 Dec, 2019
Who Is Takumi Minamino? Everything About Liverpool's Newcomer

Takumi Minamino is an international football player, who has been serving for Red Bull Salzburg since 2015. Now, he will be playing for Liverpool, starting from January 2020.

Takumi is one of a few players who became successful in impressing one of the most powerful teams, Liverpool, and what more? He is also on FIFA 20 in Ultimate Team, Kick-Off, and Creer Mode.

Everything About Liverpool's Newcomer

At present, Takumi is making headlines as the Liverpool transfer since he has been marked to sign the club in January.

What attracted Liverpool to him is that during the Japanese J-League, he got awarded the Rookie of the Year for the most promising youngster in 2013 and his impressive performance in the court.

In Liverpool, he will be wearing Liverpool’s number 18 jersey, the number which has been worn by the legendary Dirk Kuyt, young Michael Owen, and John Arne Riise.

Additionally, it is the same numbered jersey he has been wearing for Salzburg and while playing for Japan in the past. However, Takumi’s current primary international number is nine. 

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Besides his preferred jersey number, the Liverpool newcomers will also enjoy the cup freedom. Indeed, Takumi won’t be cup-tied with his agreement from Liverpool. He can still perform for the RB Salzburg in the knockout stages. He had played against Liverpool twice in the Champions League.

Who Is Takumi Minamino?

Takumi Minamino was born on 16 January 1995 in Japan and was into football from an early age.

After long years of ambition and 18 months lengthy scouting process, Takumi was finally signed by RB Salzburg in January 2015. Then he was just 20 years old; however, his acceleration, speed sprint, and enthusiasm were beyond the professional player.  

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With his magnificent attributes, Takumi also has created an excellent stats in his football career. While playing for his club RB Salzburg, he has secured 64 goals and 44 assists in 199 games.

Contract and Salary

Liverpool and Manchester United both had been eyeing on this fierce champion since 2013 when he made an impressive performance at the Champions League.

But it looks like Liverpool has won the race since Takumi has agreed on the deal of Liverpool, where he will be transferred to Liverpool for  £7.25 million from RB Salzburg from January 2020. 

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Despite his earnings from Liverpool, his other source of income or other contracts has not been displayed.

Interesting Facts About Takumi You Might Have Missed:

  1.  Takumi stands at the height of 1.74 meters and weighs 68 kg.

  2. Minamino has managed to score a goal in every season or throughout his time in Europe.

  3. Takumi Minamino is a versatile player. Although he usually plays from the right flank, he also manages to play from the left and as a center forward.

  4. Although Austrian lost both games during the Champions League in the 2019th seasons, Takumi sparked for his outstanding performance in the 4-3 game at Anfield.